I am an interdisciplinary artist based in Ghent, Belgium with a background in interior and graphic design. Next to my own studio, I am a teacher at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.
Besides assignments for brands, artists and art platforms for several years, I started my artistic practice in 2020.

For the collages, I collect random fragments from old books, envelopes, archives, files that I sort by colour, age, patina, shape. After the collages have acquired their definitive form, I photograph them in detail and print them out in large format. Here, I look for new compositions within the original collage. The collage in the collage.

In photography, I strive for photos that have a graphic quality. I look for compositions, juxtapositions and architectural spatial qualities. I am obsessed with light and how images can change when you use them in sequences.

My background in interior and graphic design gave me the language I needed to use these new approaches.

In my work, I give priority to chance, doubt and slowness over rather technical qualities. One day I collect papers and pictures, the next I arrange them. Sometimes I assemble, sometimes I glue. I allow enough breaks to let the compositions grow and adapt gradually.

If you have an interesting project or question, please contact
+0032 486 29 55 35